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Make your online business stand out with advertising. Use the potential of paid campaigns. Increase your brand recognition and reach more customers.

IDEAads - complete service of advertising activities online.

IDEAads is a package of services that will increase the visibility of your company on the Internet. You cannot afford to run an online store without promotional activities. Thanks to the possibilities provided by Google, Facebook, and Allegro, we can precisely target our ads to be displayed exactly to our target group. In recent years, online advertisement outdid traditional forms of ads. This shows the potential of the Internet. The greatest advantage of performance marketing over TV commercials or leaflets is measurability. We can determine from where on the Internet the user interacted with the advertisement and visited our website and what actions he took on it. The tools available on the web make it possible to accurately analyse the effectiveness of the advertisement and assess the profitability of the campaign.

Who should use marketing campaigns?

If you have an online store, advertising on the Internet is for you! Diversified types of campaigns allow you to choose the right goal for you. Sales campaigns such as Google Shopping or Allegro Ads will be perfect at the end of the sales funnel when the customer is facing a purchase decision. On the other hand, advertising on Facebook effectively increases brand awareness and builds the image. We will help you find a solution that meets your expectations.

Google Ads - promote your products in the most popular search engine.

Ads on Google allow you to reach a potential customer at a key moment - when searching for a product or information about it. The number of possible campaign types allows you to find the type ideally suited to the product. Text and product ads in the search engine. Banner campaigns on the Google Display Network, which covers 90% of the Internet. Gmail mailing. A properly selected campaign will help you meet your goal. The advantage of Google is that we only pay per click, not an impression.

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Ads on Facebook - reach customers on social media.

Use the possibilities of the largest social networking site in Poland. Social media advertising is currently the fastest growing online advertising channel. Facebook allows great budget flexibility, no matter what capital we have, we can achieve proportionally satisfactory results. Thanks to Facebook Pixel, we can reach people who visited our website on social media. Besides, all data collected during promotional activities can be easily analysed to improve the results of future campaigns.

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Allegro Ads - advertising on the largest marketplace.

Many entrepreneurs are looking for new sales platforms. In addition to their online store, they decide to use the Allegro platform. Effective marketing is essential to distinguish your products from hundreds of other auctions. This is where Allegro Ads come in handy, we can promote the entire offer of the store or selected products and control the return on investment.

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  • Variety of campaigns

    Choose the right campaigns that will meet your expectations and best highlight your product.

  • Many users

    Advertise on platforms used by all customers. Let your products reach potential customers.

  • The entire sales funnel

    Reach customers at every stage of the purchase process. Create a need, send interest, and close the sale.

  • Beneficial forms of settlement

    Pay for a click or the number of views. You can specify on what budget you want to conduct activities.

  • Data analysis

    Thanks to the available tools, you can easily analyse the collected data and draw conclusions that improve the campaign results.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the minimum budget?

    There is no minimum or maximum budget for running advertising campaigns. Promotional activities can be carried out even with small finances.

  • How much does a click on an ad cost?

    The cost per click (CPC) is determined for each keyword and product separately. It all depends on the industry specifications and online competitiveness.

  • Which promotion channel is the best?

    The channel and type of campaign should be based on the expected results. Completely different campaigns are for sales purposes and yet the other ones for building brand awareness.

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